Artist Pilots 2022: to new shores

In 2021, through the Artist Pilots project, we built a bridge between artists, media and cultural workers with different cultural and artistic backgrounds and established professionals from Berlin’s creative sector. Seven selected mentees were brought together with seven mentors from the same artistic field. The mentee-mentor duos then met several times, online and in person, to work together towards pre-determined goals. These mentoring processes have been an important experience for both mentees and mentors and most of the duos remained connected after the project’s end. 
We were also able to build a small but loyal community of transnational artists, media and cultural practitioners through our regular and free of charge online information sessions. These thematic events, led by invited experts from different areas of the Berlin arts and culture sector, but also by a coach from Förderband e.V., served as information, orientation, and networking platforms for our audience.
Furthermore, the visits to local cultural venues provided an opportunity for the selected mentees and other participants to network with local cultural professionals and institutions.

Thus, in 2021, a community of transnational artists and cultural and media practitioners has been created. We hope that this community continues to grow and we are looking forward to the next months of Artist Pilots activities.

In 2022, we will continue with our monthly, free of charge, online information sessions and will organise two networking events in selected cultural venues around topics that relate to the challenges of working in Berlin’s arts and culture sector. Most importantly, we will continue developing the Artist Pilots mentoring processes: in 2022, four (4) new mentees will be selected and paired with mentors from the same artistic field to be able to benefit from one-to-one support. 

Artist Pilots Winter Break

We are having a winter break and will resume our activities, starting on January 3, 2022.

There is another year of Artist Pilots ahead of us and we are very excited to continue with the project. 

We thank all those who participated and showed interest in and supported the project. We wish everyone to stay healthy, enjoy the winter holidays time, and have a good start in the new year!

Artist Pilots Team 

Laura Schultis

Laura Schultis is an Argentinian artist who has been living in Berlin since 2019. She studied choreographic composition in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Universidad Nacional de Arte and completed a three-year training in contemporary dance.

Laura Schultis. Portrait of the dancer with sports suit, sitting on a wall outside
Laura Schultis

In Argentina, she has performed in various shows on a national level and participated in many projects as a dancer and choreographer. In Berlin, Germany, she is researching new approaches to movement and stage, in parallel to her exploration of a new culture and the building of professional networks related to dance and other artistic fields. Laura Schultis current practice includes collaborations with other artists and the development of her own projects and artistic research.  


Ahmed Aküzüm

Ahmed Aküzüm is a cultural worker and artist. He was born in Diyarbakır, Turkey, and now lives in Germany. Aküzüm holds a MA in Cultural Management from Istanbul Bilgi University.

Ahmed Küzum, man with long gray hair, folded arms and black clothes
Ahmed Aküzüm

He has worked as a coordinator on more than a hundred artistic and cultural projects in Turkey. Parallel to his own creative practice in video and photography, he works as a cameraman. Ahmed Aküzüm is also a part-time lecturer in the Department of Arts and Cultural Management at Istanbul Bilgi University.


Gloria Madas

Gloria Madas: portrait of the woman, with long curly hair and white t-shirt in front of a beige wall
Gloria Madas. Photo by violetamal

Gloria Madas is a Chilean artist, born in the German city of Neuss, due to the dictatorship in Chile. As a child, after seeing her older sister dancing at the Spanish Centre in Neuss, she became passionate about dance. In Chile, in parallel to her high school and university studies, she immersed herself in Flamenco. This motivated her to move to Seville, in 2017, and follow her dream to experience and learn Flamenco from its essence.