Laura Schultis

Laura Schultis is an Argentinian artist who has been living in Berlin since 2019. She studied choreographic composition in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the Universidad Nacional de Arte and completed a three-year training in contemporary dance.

Laura Schultis. Portrait of the dancer with sports suit, sitting on a wall outside
Laura Schultis

In Argentina, she has performed in various shows on a national level and participated in many projects as a dancer and choreographer. In Berlin, Germany, she is researching new approaches to movement and stage, in parallel to her exploration of a new culture and the building of professional networks related to dance and other artistic fields. Laura Schultis current practice includes collaborations with other artists and the development of her own projects and artistic research.  

“After my studies, I realised that in my home country I did not have the opportunity to pursue the profession I had studied: Only a few can make a living from their professions and the economic situation was getting worse and worse, this was especially true for the art sector, so I decided to move to Berlin”. 

“As a performer, I am interested in exploring the different proposals of choreographers and immersing myself in their worlds of research and creation, which gives me the opportunity to enrich my technical and expressive possibilities.
In my artistic practice as choreographer, I seek to address socio-political issues through the body and the stage. My practice is centred around topics such as feminisms, minorities, multiculturalism, migration, and environmental issues. 
In my work, I am also interested in a transdisciplinary approach in exploring the aesthetic and visual possibilities related to stage and movement and how these create situations and images.”