Helena Ospina Lizarralde

Portrait of the young artist Helena Ospina Lizarralde, sitting on a chair in a living room with paintings on the wall behind her, wearing a leather jacket and a grey t-shirt
Helena Ospina Lizarralde

Helena Ospina Lizarralde is a multi-disciplinary Colombian artist whose work ranges from ceramics, weaving, and video to performance and installation. It stands in the intersection of art and philosophy and explores the interrelationship between the natural world and human existence. 

Through her artistic practice, Helena is interested in generating questions that depart from personal inquiries and subsequently create a space to trigger the spectators’ own explorations. 
In her current ongoing research, she addresses the fundamental notion of time by reflecting upon possible relationships with it and the way human existence has been determined by a social understanding of the concept. 

In 2021, Helena took part in the GlogauAIR Residency Berlin where she developed a participatory artwork in the city’s public space – “Why are we here Project”- a continuing initiative that has so far received 500 email answers. 
Realising that there are scarce opportunities to support conceptual art projects in her home country, in in the same year, Helena Ospina Lizarralde decided to move from Bogotá, Colombia, to Berlin, Germany to pursue her profession as an artist. Her decision to move to Europe was also motivated by the desire to deepen her artistic research in relation to philosophy.


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