Gloria Madas

Gloria Madas: portrait of the woman, with long curly hair and white t-shirt in front of a beige wall
Gloria Madas. Photo by violetamal

Gloria Madas is a Chilean artist, born in the German city of Neuss, due to the dictatorship in Chile. As a child, after seeing her older sister dancing at the Spanish Centre in Neuss, she became passionate about dance. In Chile, in parallel to her high school and university studies, she immersed herself in Flamenco. This motivated her to move to Seville, in 2017, and follow her dream to experience and learn Flamenco from its essence.

Gloria is the founder of “Bonica Madas”, a brand of wire crafts, where she creates pieces of her own design. In Berlin, Gloria has collaborated as a choreographer and dancer for projects related to photography and video art. Currently, she teaches Flamenco classes for children and adults, and continues to work in the projects of the collective AMAS. 

“In my life, practicing dance in general and Flamenco in particular, have been the path of self-knowledge on a physical and emotional levels, of self-acceptance and self-understanding, as well as an artistic and simulteniously therapeutic process. This is why my creative and artistic processes are linked to my personal life in this search for the self, with an autobiographical stamp. Hence, every time I teach, I try to bring this balance between body technique and each person’s own time, connecting the physical with the emotional”.

“In 2019, due to the limitations of my status as a migrant and student in Seville, I was faced with the decision to change the course of my life. That is when I saw the possibility of moving to Berlin. Since then, I have been throwing myself into exploring the life in this city and letting myself be surprised by the opportunities that come along my way.  In Berlin, my perspective has broadened, and I can see a clearer path for my artistic career, despite the barriers we migrants face”.

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* AMAS Kollektiv *

In February 2021, with two friends, Gloria co-founded AMAS Kollektiv- an interdisciplinary and artivist collective of migrant women, with the aim of integrating political, cultural and social issues through artistic and feminist language, and by fusing theatre, dance contemporary flamenco, among others. Since its foundation, the collective launched online their first video performance, “I, confined woman through time”, and was selected for the Performing Arts Program, as part of the “Artistic Collectives” Artist Training, organised by the UdK Berlin Career College.

AMAS Kollektiv on Instagram:

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