Taxes for creatives

Date: 10. November 2022
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: online
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In previous online sessions, we discussed administrative topics such as accounting, invoicing, choice of legal form and contract basics in relation to creative work in Germany. Another important topic to consider when managing your finances is taxes. This topic might be intimidating for (self-) employed arts and culture professionals. In fact, understanding the basics of tax-related matters is not so difficult. For our next online information session, we invited a tax-advisor to shed light on such matters. Claudia Fuhrmann from Steupro will give an input on the obligations that one has towards the tax office when working as (self-)employed creative and answer your questions around taxes. 
We kindly invite you to send your specific questions beforehand, until 03.11.22.
The participation is free of charge. The session is held in German, with consecutive interpreting into English.
For registration and enquiries, please write to: 

* Claudia Fuhrmann *

Portrait of Claudia Fuhrmann, tax consultant. She wears a light blue shirt, has short blond hair, blue eyes, smiles softly, with her hand resting on the left side of her face
Claudia Fuhrmann

Claudia Fuhrmann is a graduate in business administration with a focus on accounting and taxes. She has a long-term experience working as an industrial clerk for companies such as Arthur Andersen Tax Consultancy and Auditing Company and Daimler Financial Services AG. Fuhrmann has been self-employed and running her own firm since February 2007. The focus of her firm has been business management consulting, international taxes, annual financial statements including international standards. The firm primarily advises small and medium-sized enterprises. 

* Steupro *

Steupro is a firm with 12 employees, situated in Berlin Wilmersdorf. It offers comprehensive advice for entrepreneurs and their companies and covers all services from payroll accounting and financial accounting to annual financial statements and tax returns.