Law and taxes for transnational artists, culture and media professionals

Date: 17. March 2022
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: online
Archive 2022

During our next online information session, following the suggestions sent by many of you, we will again discuss administrative topics such as accounting, invoicing, choice of legal form and contract basics. Our guest expert, Dietmar Zimmer, with whom we had the pleasure to work twice in 2021, will give another general insight on these and similar issues. After the presentation, in the second part of our online session, we will focus on your feedback and questions. 
In case you have specific questions, we kindly invite you to send them beforehand, until 15.03.22.
The participation is free of charge. The session is held in German, with consecutive interpreting into English.
For registration and enquiries, please write to:

* Dietmar Zimmer *

Portrait of Dietmar Zimmer, a man with blond hair, black jacket and glasses, in a white room
Dietmar Zimmer

Dietmar Zimmer holds a degree in business administration and an MBA. He has been working as an independent management consultant, coach and lecturer for over 20 years. His consulting focus is on the business side of setting up and running a company, especially in the areas of accounting and taxes, choice of legal form, commercial accounting and business plan preparation. He works across all sectors, but his focus is on art and culture, crafts and services.