Introduction to Berlin’s literary landscape. A discussion with Odile Kennel from Lettrétage

Date: 13. October 2022
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: online
Archive 2022

How to pursue writing if you are a literary worker newly arrived in Germany/Berlin? How to best face the challenges of continuing one’s profession in the new socio-cultural context? Where to look for funding opportunities, available support, and existing networks? Our next online information session will explore such questions, with the help of our guest expert, Odile Kennel, who will provide a first orientation in Berlin’s literary landscape.  

Participation is free and open to all. The session will be held in English.

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* Odile Kennel *

Portrait of a woman with short dark hair, black top and a red skirt, on a black background. She is keeping her arms crossed under her chest and is smiling to the camera with closed eyes.
Odile Kennel, photo by Charlotte Werndt

Odile Kennel is a poet, novelist and translator living in Berlin. She writes in German and French and likes to invite further languages into her writing. Her most recent poetry book is “Hors Texte” published by Verlagshaus Berlin (2019), as well as the poetic essay “Lust” about the relationship between text and desire (2021). She also published the novels “Was Ida sagt” (2011) and “Mit Blick auf See” (2017), and the poetry book “oder wie heißt diese interplanetare Luft” (2013). She is an occasional blogger and to be found in the virtual universe under @solidenelke.
Odile has been working as a consultant for Lettrétage since 2016.

* Lettrétage *

The Literaturhaus Lettrétage sees itself as an anchor institution of Berlin’s independent literary scene. Not only does it provide a venue for readings and literary projects by independent literary artists, but the Lettrétage team also supports them to the best of its ability. As part of the project schreiben&leben, Lettrétage offers free individual consultations for freelance authors, translators, editors and literary organisers on all topics related to literary freelancing. Experts will advise you, for example, on joining the KSK, on the VG Wort, on finding a publisher or agency, or on legal issues. All Berlin literary organisers can use their online ticketing system free of charge, and the Berlin literary calendar provides information on all Berlin literary events of the month in poster form. You can find all the information at and on the project website of schreiben&leben