Arriving in Berlin – for artists and cultural professionals with Suely Torres

Date: 7. October 2021
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Location: online
Archive 2021

During this online information session, the cultural worker and photographer Suely Torres will give an in-depth look at her experience in assisting predominantly Brazilian but also other Latin American newcomers to Berlin. 
Suely Torres is a Berlin-based curator and photographer. Since the 1990s, she has been advising and supporting artists and cultural workers in their new starts in Berlin, Germany. Suely is the founder, curator and manager of the cultural initiative – German Migration Museum.

* Suely Torres *

Suely Torres was born in Recife, in northeastern Brazil, and has lived in Berlin since the end of 1980s. Here Suely lived through and experienced the historical changes that were so drastic at the time: the fall of the Berlin Wall, the reunification of Germany and the founding of the European Union- events of European contemporary history that decisively influenced and changed her, the exiled Brazilian Nordestina. Today she sees herself as a Berlin native from Recife.

Suely Torres, portrait of the woman with purple fur coat, outside with urban background
Suely Torres. Photo by Udo Rzadkowski

With the background of these experiences, she advises creatives. Her clients include filmmakers, writers and internationally renowned Brazilian artists such as Luiz Ruffato, Alex Flemming, Fernanda Montenegro and Karim Ainouz. She also provides concealing and assistance to Brazilians who come to Germany to study, work, do research, or simply to “live”. Suely’s decades of experience with everyday German life, the German language as well as the German culture have made it much easier for many Brazilians to gain a foothold in this influential Central European country. Her services are tailored to individual needs and include consulting, implementation and accompaniment of projects. She is supported by an interdisciplinary team composed of professionals from various fields (translators, lawyers, interpreters).

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