Online Information Session: Latin American Networks with Marcela Villanueva

Date: 22. April 2021
Time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Location: online
Archive 2021

For our next session, we are pleased to welcome the curator and cultural manager, Marcela Villanueva. She is the founder of the Karne Kunst initiative (see below). Marcela will give a detailed insight into her experience as a cultural manager and curator in Berlin’s arts’ and socio-cultural scenes. She will start with a presentation of her best practices in the creative sector (important topics here include the search for suitable spaces and appropriate funding). Afterwards, there will be a possibility to ask questions and engage in networking.

The event will be held in Spanish and English.

The participation is free of charge.

For registration and enquiry, please write to:

*Karne Kunst*

Karne Kunst organises, coordinates and realises projects that disseminate different forms of artistic expression, focusing on Latin American artists . Karne Kunst creates links between artists from different disciplines and exhibition spaces, as well as collectors and audiences willing to encounter Latin American art.

*Marcela Villanueva*

Marcela Villanueva is a cultural manager, mother, migrant, and feminist. Marcela was born and raised during the dictatorship in Argentina. Since 2017, she has lived and worked in Berlin, where she has been leading the initiative Karne Kunst.

Through this art initiative that possesses a committed feminist agenda, Marcela regularly curates exhibitions and organises events, meetings, and workshops. She also collaborates in the conception and coordination of socio-cultural activities for other organisations.