Cristina Negucioiu

Cristina Negucioiu: Portrait of the dancer and performer with lilac dress
Cristina Negucioiu

Cristina Negucioiu is a Romanian actor, performer, and dancer who is a PerShe graduated from the Caragiale National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest in 2018. Cristina has participated in several state and independent theatre productions in Romania, before shifting her focus towards an interdisciplinary and conceptual movement-based artistic practice.
In her work, recurrent topics of ontology, identity, time and space, body politics, and the position of the individual within a universal context are explored through perspectives drawn from the fields of spirituality, science, science-fiction, mythology, club culture, and queer theory. 

Cristina’s creative interest lies in generating performative material with the characteristics of an urban ritual proposing to connect the contemporary individual with the power of ancient knowledge which has been altered or lost owning to the workings of patriarchal, colonialist, and imperialist systems.

In 2020, I moved to Berlin to pursue an experimental, process-oriented, and research-based approach to my performance practice.  In the Romanian cultural scene, there is no space, nor financial means to encourage such artistic explorations. The socio-economic, political, and cultural spheres in Romania are still haunted by the country’s socialist past and the detrimental elements it brought to the society: corruption, precarity, and an overall sense of helplessness persist. Among Berlin’s artistic communities, I found values that I identify as core to help me engage in the creative process, such as presence, vulnerability, honesty, curiosity, and playfulness.”  

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