Dear all,

we are taking a winter break. We wish everyone to stay healthy, enjoy the winter holidays time, and have a good start in 2023!

The project, unfortunately, will not be continued. 
Being part of Artist Pilots for the last two years has been a wonderful experience and we are immensely grateful to all who participated and supported the project in various ways. A small but loyal community of creatives has been built around the project and this helped us define our goals better and kept us motivated. We truly wish everyone all the best with their activities.

With warmest regards,
Artist Pilots Team 

Welcome to Artist Pilots

The project supports transnational artists, media and cultural workers who have left their countries of origin for political reasons and are making a new start in Berlin.
Together with you, we look for experienced mentors to support and accompany you, and help you gain insight into the local arts and cultural landscape.

We facilitate contacts to suitable networks and cultural venues in Berlin.
We offer exhibition opportunities.
We propose online information sessions, as well as individual counselling.

Further information about Artist Pilots

Gülşah Mursaloğlu

Gülşah Mursaloğlu, portrait of slightly smiling woman with black straight long hair, white skin, black dress with brick wall as background
Gülşah Mursaloğlu

Gülşah Mursaloğlu is a visual artist working with installation. Her body of work is research-based and is centred around notions of materiality, matter’s agency, and human and non-human temporalities. Through her installations of ephemeral nature, Gülşah is interested in creating dynamic and fluid systems. Her recent projects investigate the shift in potato temporalities in the past centuries, terrestrial sequences, and the ways in which humans voluntarily and involuntarily eat/devour/consume the earth.


Cristina Negucioiu

Cristina Negucioiu: Portrait of the dancer and performer with lilac dress
Cristina Negucioiu

Cristina Negucioiu is a Romanian actor, performer, and dancer who is a PerShe graduated from the Caragiale National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest in 2018. Cristina has participated in several state and independent theatre productions in Romania, before shifting her focus towards an interdisciplinary and conceptual movement-based artistic practice.
In her work, recurrent topics of ontology, identity, time and space, body politics, and the position of the individual within a universal context are explored through perspectives drawn from the fields of spirituality, science, science-fiction, mythology, club culture, and queer theory. 


Helena Ospina Lizarralde

Portrait of the young artist Helena Ospina Lizarralde, sitting on a chair in a living room with paintings on the wall behind her, wearing a leather jacket and a grey t-shirt
Helena Ospina Lizarralde

Helena Ospina Lizarralde is a multi-disciplinary Colombian artist whose work ranges from ceramics, weaving, and video to performance and installation. It stands in the intersection of art and philosophy and explores the interrelationship between the natural world and human existence. 

Through her artistic practice, Helena is interested in generating questions that depart from personal inquiries and subsequently create a space to trigger the spectators’ own explorations. 
In her current ongoing research, she addresses the fundamental notion of time by reflecting upon possible relationships with it and the way human existence has been determined by a social understanding of the concept.